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Welcome to ESCA


January, 2016

Dear Friends

It's grand, isn't it? The rain has been falling but in between the sun has been shining. One could not ask for more. Just don't stay indoors because it's a bit damp – a walk on the beach on a brisk day is so bracing. Don't forget to wear a warm scarf and boots if it rains. If your boots are strong and really water-proof try splashing through a puddle. It's a hoot!
Two thousand and fifteen was a banner year for us. We absorbed new members, gave generously to the Give A Kid A Break Fund and managed to have some fun along the way. These are undoubtedly troubling days, with terrorists looking for new and more abhorant ways to scare us away. That's not going to happen, but we must always be on the lookout – be aware of your surroundings!


In times of stress: Call the  Moked Ironi 106 from a landline or *10681 from a cellphone to report a problem or to get help with one. There will be someone to take your information and help you. For local information call Ruth: 08-8656149. If she is not available, call Shlomi Nachon at 08-6485069 or 057-7506801.

You can receive a copy of the "AACI Emergency Handbook" via email. It contains all the information you'll ever need if, God forbid, there is another emergency, whether a terrorist attack, natural disaster or fire. It gives you links to other important websites where you can get information and aid. To download the handbook go to the AACI website: and click on "FREE DOWNLOAD – AACI Emergency Handbook" or just click here. There they ask you to give your name and a few particulars, without obligation, and thereafter you can remove your name at any time.

You can find another good online directory for dealing with stress at where Eli Birnbaum's guide "Crisis or Challenge" covers many aspects of the crises and catastrophes we have to deal with and how to deal with them. If you're not online then ask a friend to download these guides. If you know what to do you'll be prepared.   

For the hearing impaired: You are entitled to a special beeper in the event of an emergency. Call The Association for the Hearing-Impaired in Israel at 02-670-8383 or Fax 02-670-3646. Check out the Office of Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Welfare online and fill out the form online to receive the beeper.

If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or thoughts you would like to share with us (concerning this web site), drop us a message. We promise to read everything and refer to it seriously.

CHAI means alive, and also the number 18. Everyone who donates double Chai (36 NIS) or more will be featured in our "To Life!" section. So give life to ESCA and enjoy it. Of course, anonymous gifts will also be appreciated. An idea for a present for one who has it all.Want to give more? 100 NIS makes you a CENTURY DONOR; 50 NIS a JUBILEE DONOR. Thanks: To Max Dahan for a donation to the stamp fund.

Thanks for the donation: Margarita Uretsky cheerfully donated a jubilee for the club.
A big thanks to Jacqueline Biran for the century donation for the Club.
Thank you: Once again Carolina and Izzy Jutoriansky have given a donation, this time to the Club. Gracias!
Our own treasurer Arlene Lipzin is not to be outdone. She contributed stamped envelopes to help out with this month's snail-mail. Thanks!
And another friend who helps to keep the home fires burning: Rebecca Bohbot donated a jubilee contribution for the club. Thanks!
In fond memory: A donation of double century to the Club in memory of Jean Erdheim, ob"m, stepmother to Carol Erdheim.

Note: All donations to ESCA are used for mailing our newsletter and for basic refreshments at our events.

Letter of congratulations ESCA 30 from Mayor Lasry

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