The English Speakers Club of Ashdod (ESCA) is an organization which brings together immigrants, coming from "Anglo - Saxon" countries, with other English speakers who have settled in Ashdod and environment. It was founded in 1983.


Past and on-going activities

  • When possible we try to organize home hospitality, sometimes even overnight, for visiting groups at the request of other groups and organizations. Our most memorable experience was hosting the American Sixth Fleet and being hosted by them. Members of our committees have participated in meetings with other volunteer organizations and officials from the Municipality and government in order to enhance relationships and further the cause of absorption of immigrants.
  • We boast a membership that includes people from around the world and continually welcome new members. We have no formal membership requirements. We send our newsletter to anyone interested in knowing about, or participating in, our activities.
  • We have hosted a speaker from IBA news, Israel Business Today and the Jerusalem Post. Other activities include such annual events as an International Food Night, bowling night and a Lag B'Omer campfire.
  • Once every 2 months we send out a newsletter in order to inform our readers, not only of our activities, but also of the other cultural programs in town. We regularly attend openings of new exhibitions, and are well represented at various concerts as a result of this effort. Since this newsletter reaches organizations outside of Ashdod as well, we also contribute to drawing people to Ashdod's cultural events and the attraction of more English speaking people to settle in our city.


Our Mission

The club sees as its task:

  • Absorption of immigrants; helping them to have a successful "Aliyah"
  • Networking, public relations, volunteer work, referrals to other organizations.
  • To provide programs, cultural as well as educational; an occasional excursion and social get togethers.
  • To provide information relating to on - going cultural events in Ashdod and surroundings



Chairman: Chana Hochstein - 08 - 8557116
Member: Anita Raymond - 08 - 8651326
Member: Arlene Lipzin - 08 - 8571669
Member: Paul Liebhaber - 054 - 2375513
Member: Ruth Szmarag - 08 - 8656149
Member: Susan Liebhaber - 054-2375512



Chairman: Anita Raymond
Design / Webmaster: David Casirer


The ESCA Hymn

Written by Anita Raymond on the occasion of our 10th ESCA anniversary in 1993. Sung to the tune of "Davey Crockett"

1. First saw the light in '83 - Not many members, actually two or three
But years have passed, a half a score
And now we number a hundred and more.

CHORUS: English - English speakers! You're in good company.

2. People come to Israel from far and near. Once they've made it, it's very clear
It's good to travel and nice to roam
But best is to hear a voice from back home.


3. Here's how it started or so they say. People took a look around one fine day
They said we need to lend a hand
And help each other in this strange land.


4. Things started slowly when at all. A meeting in the Spring, the next in the Fall
But our new committee is dynamite
They're having meetings every other night.


5. E is for English, and let me say...All of you should practice it every single day
Because you'll find that if you don't
Then you'll speak English but your children won't.


6. S is for the speakers who have survived. Speaking English keeps our heritage alive
And when your hopes become minute
Remember S is also "savlanut."


7. C is for the club, the one we're in. C is for collecting dues, someday we'll begin
C is for comrades whose help we need
And C is for this country we hope will succeed.


8. A is for Ashdod where we reside. A is the activities we provide.
English speakers will still have fun
When the century changes to twenty - one.


9. Now in conclusion I'd like to note... our lives across the sea are distant and remote
So aren't you lucky to be among
So many people who speak your native tongue.